I'm Mike "Doc" Doyle and my love for art has kept me dedicated to my job over these past 32 years of tattooing. My mother being an art teacher and me being a big fan of "Ed Big Daddy Roth", I bought my first air brush at age 12. Shortly out of high school I started airbrushing custom paint jobs on cars and motorcycle gas tanks.I went to a motorcycle show in Madison where I met Steve Gold, whom helped me get my foot in the tattoo door. I was still doing residential home construction at the time and more often than not when I'd get home from work I would have people waiting on my doorstep to get some ink.  I would work sometimes until 2 or 3 a.m.- Burning the midnight oil you might say.


In 1979 I went to the National Tattoo Convention in Denver where I met Burt Grimm, Bob Shaw and other prominent tattoo artists.  They gave me the inspiration needed to devote my energy to working for myself instead of construction. I soon took up shop in the studio that I had built earlier that year at my home on South Park Avenue, where I still reside. Thru the 80's I worked the Sturgis Bike Rally along with various other tattoo conventions; during this time I also did a number of magazine covers for the National Tattoo Association and Tattoo Life. These combined opportunities have helped me acquire a number of clients from across the country. Freehand custom artwork is my specialty. I like having clients bring in their own ideas- from there I draw a custom design for them. Customers can also choose something I have drawn in the past or a design from my numerous design sheets.